Your runbook, Time IT
Being and staying in control during the execution of a collection of activities that must be performed by different people in a specific time sequence!!

Contractmanagement-as-a-Service (CAAS)!

We can control all your contracts (private and business) using our software Time IT (24/7, 365 days a year). You don't have to do anything with our system!

We ensure that you can determine in time what to do with your contracts!

This is what happens in practice:

  • I would like to cancel a contract but I forgot!
  • Invoice received, but I am too late to cancel the contract!
  • I miss the total overview of all my contracts.

We offer you the following solution:

  • We put all your contracts in Time IT (privacy guaranteed). You define the description of the contract, end of contract time and notice period.
  • When the time is there (notice period) , we will sent you an E-mail and Text message about the ending time of the contract.
  • After one week we will send you a message again. The rest is up to you!
  • In advance we provide you with an overview of all your contracts in PDF format!


  • € 20,75 per month (maximum 20 contracts) excluding 21% VAT (price in consultation with more than 20 contracts)
  • Initiating costs incl. 1 hour training by video conference: € 150,-
  • subscription per year
  • payment in advance per year

If you are interested, please sent me a message and we will contact you right away!