Your runbook, Time IT
Being and staying in control during the execution of a collection of activities that must be performed by different people in a specific time sequence!!

DRaaS, Disaster/Recovery-as-a-Service

What will you do if an emergency breaks out. What steps will you take as an organisation. Time IT can be used to make a step-by-step plan and have it controlled automatically at the time of an emergency. An emergency is of course diverse! We also have a service available for this. 

For less than € 175,- per month, you are assured of an environment in the Cloud where you can set up a plan.

This is what happens in practice:

  • Any manager would like to sleep peacefully and know that if an emergency breaks out, he is in control by means of a digital step-by-step plan that is up-to-date and immediately available?
  • Do you want to be prepared? 
  • Do you want to be in control? 
  • Better timed than poorly managed …… Companies are looking for the right combination of both!
  • Solving calamities with fully automated control? An accident is in a small corner…...
  • Doesn't everyone want to learn from what they did during an emergency? By evaluating one learns how it can be done better in terms of implementation, so more peace and security in the organisation.

We offer you the following solution:

  • We offer you an environment in the Cloud where you have one or more digital step-by-step plans available in the event of a disruption or emergency in your organisation.
  • This is offered by you through Time IT. Time IT is a widely used digital program that directs people with related activities in real time and the appropriate authorities are informed, so you can be confident that the process is going according to plan.
  • Detailed, digital logging shows immediately when the activities have been carried out and what may have gone wrong. All comments are also digitally recorded.

3 Unique Selling Points:

  • A total overview realtime of all the activities which must be executed.
  • Monitoring progress of all the tasks on a distance and realtime.
  • Complete logging what happend by all the employees for evaluation.

A low insurance premium per month ensures that you are prepared.

  • Includes 1 Remote Desktop link with your own URL;
  • Rent € 175 per month, payable per year: € 2.100,- in advance;
  • Minimum contract duration for 3 years, notice period 3 months;
  • Initial set-up of the plans: € 450,- per half day, incl. training in the use of Time IT;
  • 2 x per year, discuss and adjust updates at € 450,- per half day, possibly via video conference (10 strip card at € 450,- à 30 minutes per call);
  • Step-by-step plan during calamities, € 25,- at a time for the costs of all Text messages;
  • All prices mentioned are for the Netherlands and are exclusive of VAT.

If you are interested please sent me a message and we will contact you right away!