Your runbook, Time IT
Being and staying in control during the execution of a collection of activities that must be performed by different people in a specific time sequence!!

Implementation / Migration activities

By executing an implementation or a migration or installation, tasks must always be performed in a specific time, in a specific order by different people. And it doesn't matter what kind of installation or anything else. 

Many organisations do this via Excel or another package.

Unique selling points:

  • A clear overview in realtime;
  • Complete logging of what took place at the time of execution;
  • Remote monitoring, realtime;
  • Guaranteed time savings, so money because all communication is automatic at the time of execution. And by that is meant both the management, complaints and informing people (internal or customer);
  • More efficiency, more structure and transparency;
  • More time for the human factor.



  • Renting Time IT per month from our Cloud environment ;
  • Installing the software on your own environment (on premise, buying the license)!

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