Your runbook, Time IT
Being and staying in control during the execution of a collection of activities that must be performed by different people in a specific time sequence!!



"Yourrunbook" means that the runbook/planning is tailored by you. You decide which activities has to be taken place, in what time, by whom and in which sequence.

  • Are you dissatisfied with the lack of control in the implementation of complex projects, one-off or recurring?
  • Do the implementation of your projects often end up in both time and money?
  • Finally control over the full implementation of your step-by-step plan regardless of where you are?
  • Finally more insight, structure, transparency and a clear overview?
  • And also in control over the deployment of both your own and internal employees?
  • And ultimately more time for the human factor?

Time IT relieves the manager or the management of an organisation as follows:

  • The manager is in control no matter where he is
  • The manager is assured that the process is proceeding as planned
  • The manager can sleep peacefully because he knows that if, for example, a disaster breaks out in his organisation, he is assured that there is an up-to-date step-by-step plan in the Cloud direct available
  • Manageable of the steps to be performed at all times
  • Clear and insightful of all steps to be performed
  • The manager does not have to worry about all communication (directing, complaining and informing) because that happens automatically
  • Communication to employees, management and stakeholders is clear and consistent
  • The manager can spend more time on the human factor of his people!


  • A collection of activities which must be performed by different people in a specific time sequence
  • Implementations both functional as technical
  • (Data) Migrations
  • Relocations
  • Management of change processes, transition programs, etc.
  • Management of processes such as invoicing, ISO certification and others
  • Repetitive matters through templates, like implementation of software at a customer (which can be used for 80% at different customers)
  • Calamities both technically and organisationally, also a data breach!
  • Implementation of Projects
  • Everything that requires a step-by-step plan and where (direct) management is required and to be in control real time, any time, any place!