Your runbook, Time IT
Being and staying in control during the execution of a collection of activities that must be performed by different people in a specific time sequence!!



"Yourrunbook" means that the runbook/planning is tailored by you. You decide which activities has to be taken place, in what time, by whom and in which sequence.

 Time IT is the software for management and control of operational processes/projects. 

Do you recognize this too?

  • Every time I am busy with communications and then different people come up with all kinds of questions during the execution?
  • All this communication takes me so much time, then they are not present or busy with something else, then in conversation and so on!
  • Every time I get a call for a status update, while I'm busy with all kinds of other important things.
  • Again no feedback, so frustrating. I'am losing control and overview. This cost me a lot of time which I can use in a better way!
  • Again new changes during execution, I miss the total overview.

Time IT relieves the manager or management of an organisation as follows:

  • The manager is in control no matter where he is.
  • The manager is assured that the process is proceeding as planned.
  • The manager can sleep peacefully because he knows that if, for example, a disaster breaks out in his organisation, he is assured that there is an up-to-date step-by-step plan in the Cloud direct available.
  • Manageable of the steps to be performed at all times.
  • Clear and insightful of all steps to be performed.
  • The manager does not have to worry about all communication (directing, complaining and informing) because that happens automatically.
  • Communication to employees, management and stakeholders is clear and consistent.
  • The manager can spend more time on the human factor of his people!


  • A collection of activities which must be performed by different people in a specific time sequence
  • Audits of certifications like ISO, etc.
  • Implementations both functional as technical
  • (Data) Migrations
  • Relocations
  • Management of change processes, transition programs, etc.
  • Management of processes such as invoicing, ISO certification and others
  • Repetitive matters through templates, like implementation of software at a customer (which can be used for 80% at different customers)
  • Calamities both technically and organisationally, also a data breach!
  • Implementation of Projects
  • Everything that requires a step-by-step plan and where (direct) management is required and to be in control real time, any time, any place!