Your runbook, Time IT
Being and staying in control during the execution of a collection of activities that must be performed by different people in a specific time sequence!!

Time IT 

Time IT is a frequently used digital program that manages people with related activities (process) that must be carried out in a specific time sequence in realtime, so that you can be confident that the process is going according to plan. 

This means the following for you as an organisation:

  • Saving time at the time of preparation but also during implementation (execution);
  • Communication is always consistent;
  • Simple, user-friendly, intuitive, easy to use;
  • Clear, structured, everything is visible in real-time both in outline and in detail regardless of where you are;
  • Can be used for every industry, for every application;
  • Guaranteed 40% time savings;
  • And therefore direct saving money.

 Unique Buying Reasons:

  • Insight realtime;
  • Digital communication using e-mail and text messages;
  • Sharing information and progress through the dashboard;
  • Starting activities, reminders and management information;
  • Linking using URL's for work instructions and all kind of relevant documents;
  • Logging for evaluation;
  • Can also be used immediately for one-off processes or repeating implementations!


Customers who have experience with Time IT

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For more detailled info, see the website of Time IT!